Academic reading and writing at the university: Writing centers at a glance

  • Milton Daniel Castellano Ascencio, Judith María Peña Santodomíngo, María Alexandra Villa Urrego
Palabras clave: Writing centers, reading and writing in the university, academic literacy


This text corresponds to a reflection derived from our ongoing research project: “Academic Reading and Writing Center at the University of San Buenaventura, Medellin branch”. In this regard, we present the initial phase of the research process in its current state. This first advance includes a brief review of some research projects on reading and writing in college that have been developed in some national and international contexts; likewise, it presents a brief approach to the history of the writing centers that have emerged in response to this problem at the higher education level. In this process we also address some of the conceptual categories that make up the central part of the discussion. Finally, we present some of the initial conclusions reached by the research team at this point in the process.


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