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Título : Laudato sí… una bioética por el cuidado de la casa común: una mediación entre la ecología y la ecoteología
Otros títulos : Laudato sí… bioethics to take care of the common home: mediation between ecology and ecotheology
Laudato si… uma bioética pelo cuidado da casa comum: uma mediação entre a ecologia e a ecoteologia
Autor : Zapata Muriel, Fernando Antonio
Palabras clave : Corporación Universitaria Lasallista
Área Metropolitana del Valle de Aburrá
Encíclica Laudato sí
Medio Ambiente
Papa Francisco
Fecha de publicación : 2017
Editorial : Corporación Universitaria Lasallista
Resumen : Laudato si is a re-reading of Francis of Assisis´ Canticle of Creatures and also is a cry for help from Pope Francis on behalf of the Church, a cry to God and to postmodern men, asking for the care and the good use of mother Hearth´s resources. Objective. Make an argumentative and dialogic hermeneutical study about Pope Francis´ Laudato si encyclical as mediation between ecology and ecotheology for the benefit of the care of the planet. Materials and method. Such study will be made taking the hermeneutical method as a guide, and with the help of J. Cardijn´s “see, judge, act” as a theological-pastoral method. Result. Everything is connected. Cosmos and human beings are all hollistic realities that must be studied as an inter-connected and inter- depending systems´ network, in order to take care of the common oikia, the nature that has been given to mankind as care takers, cultivators and transformers.Conclusions. To keep the environment –the Creation- Pope Francis proposes some initiatives, among which we remark that every ecological endeavor must be addressed to an integral ecology (ecotheology?) that includes culture, spirituality, axiology, charity and justice as cardinal values.
URI : DOI: 10.22507/pml.v11n2a8
ISSN : 1909-0455
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